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beatportPro for Mac

Beatport Pro for Mac

Beatport Pro is giving DJs and producers the chance to manage and organise their purchased music and sample libraries on a free application for Mac. The software, which can be downloaded here allows users to create playlists...

Audiofinder 5

Iced Audio AudioFinder 5

AudioFinder is an audio file organiser that supports a range of audio formats, including WAV, AIFF, REX, MP3 and FLAC. It features a file browser, audio preview (with a virtual keyboard and MIDI control),...

Xfer Records Serum

Review: Xfer Records Serum

Wavetable synthesis isn’t a new concept: In the ’70s, synthesizers such as Wolfgang Palm’s PPG used digitally stored waveforms as lookup tables. With the capability of sweeping through the tables to produce animated sounds,...